Capt. Ron Begnaud's Redchaser Guide Service

World Class Fly and Light Tackle Sight Fishing In the Louisiana Marsh

Experience The Worlds Best Redfish Fishery.

Experience Louisiana Fly Fishing. The Louisiana marsh is considered to be one of the most productive eco systems on the planet.  That productivity extends to providing what is arguably the best estuary fishery in the U.S. and a saltwater fly fishing experience like no other.

Fly Fishing Louisiana is a unique experience, tremendous numbers of giant redfish, black drum, sheepshead and many other species patrol our marsh, and with the knowledge of where to look, can be found in shallow waters throughout the year offering exceptional sight fishing opportunities. No place offers a better opportunity to catch giant redfish and black drum than South Louisiana.

Capt. Ron Begnaud, is a Louisiana native, Cajun through and through. Ron has been targeting these fish in shallow water with a fly rod for nearly 3 decades. Book your trip with Capt. Ron to experience redfish fly fishing in the Louisiana Marsh.  Ron would love to share the Louisiana fishery and even a bit of our Cajun culture with you.

Ron fishes out of a number of different locations in South Louisiana that are all a reasonable drive from New Orleans based on conditions and what the fish are doing at a given time.

Ron can accommodate 1 or two anglers in his skiff, however he also works with a network of great South Louisiana guides and can put together multi-boat trips for groups.  

 Call: 337-853-9644

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