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Surgeon's Knot





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A Quick Way To Connect Two Lines.



The Surgeon's Knot is strong, maintaining near 100% breaking strength, and very easy to tie.  It is essentially just a double overhand knot tied with two pieces of line held together.  It is often used for connecting tippet to leaders. To tie the Surgeons knot, one of the pieces of line you are connecting must be short enough for you to be able to make passes with the entire line through the knot.   The one disadvantage the Surgeon's Knot has versus the Blood Knot is that two pieces of line joined with a Surgeon's Knot will not be perfectly aligned; there will be a little bend at the point of the knot.

Step 1:


Lay the two pieces of line parallel, with the ends overlapping each other at least 6 inches


Step 2


Holding the two lines together as a single string, form a loop.


Step 3


Pass the end of longer line, and entire shorter line through the loop twice


Step 4

Moisten knot with saliva and pull all 4 ends evenly to tighten knot.  It is very important to pull all 4 ends or knot strength may be reduced by as much as 50%.  Trim tag ends close to knot.




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