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Danny Williams' Shwimp




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A Great Fly For Spooky Fish


Danny Williams' Shwimp

Danny Williams' Shwimp fly is great for spooky fish.  It resembles a small shrimp, crab or other tasty morsel, lands softly, and because it is tied with marabou, has a lot of natural breathing motion.  The Shwimp has taken many redfish, quite a few sheepshead, and even giant drum.  The original color for this fly was a very light tan/cream color, however it can be tied in brown, olive, grizzly, or any other color to suite  your needs.





Hook: 34007 #4, with hook eye bent at 60
degrees like a jig hook.
Eyes: Either bead chain, or small lead dumbbell eyes 
(x small or micro)
Flash: Krystal flash - pearl for light colored fly, copper when tying a brown one.
Tail:  Marabou feathers in desired color
Hackle:  Palmered neck hackle in color to match tail
Head: Small read craft bead, or red tying thread wrapped to form small ball









1.  Sharpen Hook
2.  Using Pliers, or vice bend hook shank about 3/16 of an inch behind hook eye
so that hook eye is bent toward point at about a 60 degree angle like a jig
3.  Tie in bead chain or lead eyes on top of hook shank, near bend.
4.  Tie in 2 to 4 strands of krystal flash , extending back beyond where all other
materials will be.
5. Cut a bunch of marabou fibers off of main stem, line up and trim butts even.  Tie
butt ends of marabou in immediately behind bead chain or lead eyes.
6.  Tie the stem of a neck hackle in right behind eyes.  Palmer hackle forward
to about 1/4 inch behind hook eye.  Tie off and secure.
7.  Make thread wraps, forming a small red ball of thread, right behind hook eye.
8.  Coat head with hard as nails and fish.

 1.  Wrap hook shank with thread, and tie in

flash material just above the bend of 

the hook, extending back behind hook,

beyond where you think all other

materials will end.


2.  Arrange 2 bunches of 3 of the yellow neck

hackles, and 1 of the grizzly hackles so 

that they splay out in opposite directions,

with the grizzly hackles on the outside.  Tie

in on top of hook half way between eye

and bend of hook.


3.  Tie in red chenille over where tail feathers

are tied in, make 2 to 3 wraps forward, 

tie off and secure.


4.  Tie in 2 yellow neck hackles in front of  

chenille and palmer to within 1/4 inch

of hook eye.  Tie off and secure


5.  Tie in 1 red neck hackle in front of 

palmered yellow hackle and

palmer to hook eye.  Tie off

and secure


6.  Whip finish head and cut thread, apply

head cement or nail polish.



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