R e d c h a s e r . c o m






w . w . w . r e d c h a s e r . c o m

A Great Mid-Water, Multi Species Fly



Although different incarnations of this fly have been around as bass fly's for a long time, the Seaducer was popularized as a saltwater and redfish fly by Chico Fernandez.  Because it is light, and relatively bulky  it tends to suspend.  The splayed tail feathers of the Seaducer give it a lifelike "kicking action" when it is stripped then stopped.  Although the directions here are for a yellow and red Seaducer, it can be tied in any color combination.  White with Chartreuse and Blue is a favorite of mine for specks.





Hook: - Mustatd 3407 or 34007 (the 3407 is a lighter

hook so the fly will sink more slowly)


Thread: - Red flat waxed nylon


Flash: - Several strands of flashabou or krystal flash


Tail: - 6 yellow saltwater neck hackles, and 2 natural

grizzly neck hackles


Throat: - Red Chenille


Hackle: - 2 yellow and 1 red saltwater neck hackle











 1.  Wrap hook shank with thread, and tie in

flash material just above the bend of 

the hook, extending back behind hook,

beyond where you think all other

materials will end.


2.  Arrange 2 bunches of 3 of the yellow neck

hackles, and 1 of the grizzly hackles so 

that they splay out in opposite directions,

with the grizzly hackles on the outside.  Tie

in on top of hook half way between eye

and bend of hook.


3.  Tie in red chenille over where tail feathers

are tied in, make 2 to 3 wraps forward, 

tie off and secure.


4.  Tie in 2 yellow neck hackles in front of  

chenille and palmer to within 1/4 inch

of hook eye.  Tie off and secure


5.  Tie in 1 red neck hackle in front of 

palmered yellow hackle and

palmer to hook eye.  Tie off

and secure


6.  Whip finish head and cut thread, apply

head cement or nail polish.



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