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Tube Nail Knot




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A Knot Every Fly Angler Needs To Know.


The Nail Knot is a knot that every fly fisherman needs to have in his repertoire.  It is essential for connecting leaders to fly line.  The Tube Nail Knot produces the same end result, however most people find it considerably easier to tie with a tube instead of a nail. I find that coffee stirrer straws cut into about 11/2 inch lengths make the perfect tool for this knot.


Step 1

Put a hollow tube (1 1/2 inch section of coffee stirrer straw works well) against the end of your fly line.  Lay the butt section of your leader and the tube, leaving about a 10 to 12 inch overhang of the tag end of the leader butt. 


Step 2


Hold all 3 pieces together with left thumb and forefinger and make six to 8 close wraps back around the leader, fly line, and tube working left to right.

Pass the tag end of the leader butt through the tube, gently pull the two ends of the leader to snug the coils slightly, remove the tube by sliding it to the left, off of the tag end of leader.


Step 3

Moisten knot with saliva then pull standing and tag ends of leader at the same time to seat knot firmly on fly line.  Trim the tag end close to knot, trim any excess fly line hanging out of knot.



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