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Non Slip Mono Loop




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An Easy To Tie, Strong Knot, Giving Your Fly Great Swimming Action.


Lefty Kreh is credited with popularizing this knot.  It is strong, and depending on which of the following variations used test at either 90% or 100% of line strength, is easy to tie, and makes a nice open loop.  This is my preferred loop for connecting leader to fly, as the open loop allows for more movement and action of the fly.  In addition to using this loop to tie on a fly, I often use it to create loops in my leader for quick-change loop-to-loop connections.

Step 1

Begin by making a simple overhand knot in the standing line, then pass the tag end of the line through the eye of the hook.  Pass the tag end back through the overhand knot.  Make sure it goes back through on the same side it came out of the overhand knot. 

Step 2


Illustration 2

This option produces 100% knot strength and a wider loop



Wrap the tag end around the standing line between 3 to 7 turns as follows.


For 50 or 60 pound line - 3 turns,


For 14 to 40 pound line - 4 turns,


For 8 to 15 pound line - 5 turns,


And for lines less than 8 pound test - 7 turns.


After making the turns around the standing line, insert the tag back through the loop in the overhand knot.  If you pass it through, entering the opposite side of the loop that it exited as in illustration 2, the finished loop knot will be a little wider  and will test at near 100%.  This variation is usually preferred for connecting tippet to fly..



Illustration 2a

This option produces a narrower loop, but test at 90 -95% line strength.



If you pass the tag end through entering the same side of the overhand knot it exited as in illustration 2A, it will produce a knot that test at 90 to 95%, but with a loop that is a little slimmer.  I often like to use this loop in the butt end of may leader a loop to loop connection that is a little slimmer.


Moisten knot and begin tightening by pulling on the tag end.  Once knot begins to tighten grab the standing line in one hand and the hook in the other and pull hard to tighten.  Trim tag end close to knot




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