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Weighted Seaducer




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The Deep Ducer.

This pattern is easy to tie, can be durable if plenty of super glue is used in its construction, and can be tied in a variety of colors to match conditions. The version shown here in black and red has been exceptinally productive in dirty water. 


Hook - Mustad 34007 #2.  I bend 1/8 the eye, moving the eye of the hook toward the point in the style of a jig hook. I bend the eye around 60 degrees bendback style.

Thread - Danville flat waxed nylon, red

Flash - a nice sized hunk of pearl polar flashabou.

Tail - 6 black and 2 red grizzly hackles from a saltwater cape

Eyes - Dumbell style, x-small.

Hackle - 2 black and 1 red grizzly hackle.



       1.  Use a generous amount of super glue between each tying step, and run a bead of super glue up the hook shank before palmering hackle to make fly durable.


Step 1. Wrap a base of thread over the hook shank from just behind the eye to the bend of the hook..  Tie in flashabou


Step 2. Select 3 black and one read hackle for each side of splayed tail. a 

            Select feathers longer than needed and cut so that you are using tip section.


Step 3. Hold all 8 feathers toghether, splayed as they will be on tail. 


Step 4. Hold splayed hackle ON TOP of hook shank and secure with thread wraps 



Apply a drop of super glue to thread wraps over the butt ends of the tail feathers.


Step 5.  Tie in dumbell eyes on top of where tail feather butts are tied in, securing with figure 8 wraps, and apply superglue.  


Step 6.  Tie in the butt ends of 2 long black hackles right behind the dumbell eyes 

Step 7. Apply a drop of superglue to base of hackles where tied in, and run a bead of super glue up the whole hook shank. Palmer hackle forward to 1/4 inch behind bend at eye of hook and secure with thread wraps. eye. 



Step 8.  Tie in the butt end of 1 red grizzly hackle at point where you stopped palmering black hackle 



 Step 9.  Palmer hackle forward to bend in hook at eye and secure with thread wraps. Whip finish and apply head cement.









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