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Blood Knot


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For Building Leaders, And Connecting Similar Sized Pieces Of Mono.


The Blood Knot is essential in leader building.  It is a great knot for connecting the different diameter pieces of mono needed to make a tapered leader. The Blood Knot is strong, maintaining nearly all of the lines breaking strength; it's neat, and not too difficult to tie

Step 1

Overlap and cross the ends of the 2 lines to be joined.  Leave yourself fairly long tag ends to work with.  Twist the tag end of one line around the standing end of the other line 5 times, then bring back between the two lines.  Pinch the spot where the tag end is brought back between the two lines to hold everything together.


Now take the other tag end and wrap it 5 times in the opposite direction, and bring back through the same space that the other tag end goes through, but pass through going the opposite direction.


Step 2



Moisten knot, then slowly pull the standing lines in opposite directions.  Turns will wrap and gather.


Step 3


Pull tightly, seating knot with your fingernails if necessary.  Clip tag ends close to knot.




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