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Bimini Twist


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Form A 100% Doubled Line, For 100% Knots.


The Bimini Twist is a knot that forms a doubled line, or loop with a knot strength that maintains 100% of the breaking strength of the line.  The doubled line, of course has a breaking strength that is 200% the strength of the standing line.  This doubled line can than be used for loop to loop connections, or tied to form knots for connecting backing to lines, or tippets to shock tipets that will have 100% of the strength of the line.



Begin by doubling your line back on itself at least 2 feet.  Hold the tag end and standing line together in your left hand.  Place your right hand inside the "loop of line" that is formed and make turns wrapping it around itself 20 or more times.  For monofilament, wrap 20 to 25 times, for braided Dacron wrap  35 to 40 times, and for gel spun lines, wrap 75 turns.



Place both feet inside the loop and slightly apart on the floor.  Put a little tension on the tag and standing line, spread tag end and standing line at the same time as you spread your feet to open the loop and gather the turns together.



Maintaining constant tension on the standing line and tag end,  lower the tag end slightly below horizontal, and pull a little tighter on the standing line, now pulling it strait up.  This will allow you to begin to start allowing the tag end of the line to begin wrapping down over the original wraps you made.



Once you have the first few over wraps made, pull the tag end of the line back up to the horizontal to begin tightening wraps, then angle the tag end slightly above horizontal and complete over wraps to cover initial twist.  Remember to maintain constant tension on the standing line or tag end, allowing stack will keep the knot from forming properly.



Still maintaining constant tension on the standing and tag end, tie a half hitch around one of the legs of the loop with the tag end.



Tighten half hitch, and remove on foot from the loop.



Once the half hitch is seated firmly, you can release the tension from the standing line and tag end.


Pass the tag end of the line over both legs of the loop, and back through the small loop created by the belly of the tag end, repeat four more times working back toward the knot for a total of five wraps.




Pull the tag end, carefully working the new wraps back toward the knot by tightening a little, then spreading the wraps, and repeating until you get the knot seated tightly.  If you are working with mono over 12 pound test, give the tag end a tug with pliers to secure.



Trim the tag end close to the knot.




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